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June 17th - 21st 9:30am - 3pm

Film Screening for all 21st @ 3pm

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Jazz on Jackson Street: Where jazz and film intertwine.

Step into the vibrant world, where the captivating rhythms of jazz echo through the streets. Join us on a thrilling journey down Jackson Street, as we invite legendary jazz musicians to tell their stories

Immersing into the rich history of the iconic Central District neighborhood, where the spirit of jazz legends still linger. Students will learn basic filmmaking techniques to capture this historic moment all while preserving the magic for generations to come.

African American Jazz Musician Playing the Saxophone


HBCU (Spring Break) Film HBCU’s putting your skills learned to the test.

Tweens (10-13) Basic Filmmaking Camp

Teens (14-18) Advance to intermediate film camp


Tiffany BennetT

A captivating and passionate storyteller, innovative K-12 digital media consultant/teacher, and author based in the heart of Seattle, Washington's vibrant Central District neighborhood. With a profound dedication to cultural education through film/media and technology, Tiffany embarks on a mission to guide young minds on their own artistic journeys. As a seasoned expert, Tiffany empowers students to explore the magical realm of storytelling using film as a medium.

With a keen sense of creativity and an unwavering commitment to nurturing budding talents, Tiffany instills in students a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling. Through engaging and interactive workshops, Tiffany encourages students to unleash their imagination and express their unique perspectives.

By integrating the latest technological advancements and leveraging the art of storytelling through filmmaking, Tiffany equips students with the tools they need to become confident storytellers in the digital age. With a diverse range of experiences and a genuine passion for education, Tiffany brings a refreshing and dynamic approach to the world of K-12 digital media. Whether in the classroom, on the big screen, or through the pages of her written work, “Lights, Camera, Action” (coming soon), Tiffany strives to inspire and transform lives, one story at a time. Tiffany on this incredible journey of discovery, where storytelling and technology merge to create a world of endless possibilities."

Jazmyn Scott

A Seattle native and Garfield High School alumna, is a tireless advocate

for the arts. As the Executive Director of ARTE NOIR and former Director of Programs

& Partnerships at LANGSTON, she uplifts Black artists and fosters cultural vibrancy in

the historic Central District. Jazmyn's impact extends through her founding of The

Town Entertainment, showcasing R&B/Soul and Hip-Hop talents, and co-founding 50

Next: Seattle Hip-Hop Worldwide.

She co-curated the award-winning exhibit "The

Legacy of Seattle Hip-Hop" and co-produced the innovative virtual series "2(06) The

Break." A seasoned host and moderator, Jazmyn has interviewed luminaries like

Gabrielle Union and moderated panels with Tina Knowles and Richard Lawson.

Currently, she serves on the boards of Earshot Jazz and The Residency, while contributing her expertise to community arts advisory boards.

Mizan Howard

Understands deeply how access to information and resources can create transformational experiences and prepare a young child for a life of service and leadership. Born in a refugee camp and raised in public housing, she became the first in her family to study at a four-year college, the University of Washington. She leveraged these experiences into breakthrough opportunities with Google, pursued graduate coursework at Harvard University, gained non-profit experience with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and most recently, forged collaborative partnerships with high-profile individuals dedicated to advancing social progress.

Mizan is committed to supporting the prosperity and well-being of Black communities by identifying and accelerating breakthrough solutions, ideas, and conversations while leading strategies, programs, and operational plans. Through her work advancing equity and inclusion, both at home and abroad, she has observed that our society is strongest when we stand together. When everyone has the chance to succeed, we all prosper.

Outside the office, Mizan enjoys traveling to warmer destinations, cooking, attending live concerts and theatre, and spending time with her husband and children.

Happy Woman Using a Vintage Film Camera Outdoors

Mission &


Youth Film Collective where the youth lead empower storytelling equity, ensuring that all young individuals have equal opportunities and resources to engage in storytelling activities. It emphasizes the importance of providing equitable access to platforms, resources, and support for young people to express their unique stories and experiences.

Storytelling plays a significant role in encouraging creativity, building confidence, and promoting self-expression among youth. However, not all young individuals have equal opportunities to share their stories due to various barriers such as socioeconomic status, cultural differences, language barriers, and access to technology.

Youth Film Collective promotes youth storytelling equity which is giving access to:

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Accessible platforms: Creating inclusive spaces and platforms where young people from diverse backgrounds can share their stories without facing barriers or discrimination.

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Educational support: Offering storytelling workshops, training programs, and mentorship opportunities to equip young individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to express their stories effectively.

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Representation and diversity: Encouraging diverse representation in storytelling by ensuring that young people from different ethnicities, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, and abilities have equal opportunities to be heard.

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Community involvement: Engaging with local communities, organizations, schools, and youth groups to collaborate and provide resources and support for youth storytelling initiatives.

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Technology accessibility: Ensuring that the youth while with us have access to technology tools and resources necessary for storytelling, such as drones, camera’s, smartphones, computers, editing software and high-speed internet.

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Empowering marginalized voices: Giving a voice to marginalized and underrepresented youth by providing them with the necessary resources and support to share their stories and experiences.

We’re all deeply committed to our mission

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Collaboration: ALL WELL x Youth Film Collective

Background actors for a Washington State Department of Health commercial (prom scene)

Film students from Youth Film Collective with LaKell Havens the Producer of the commercial “Take Care”.

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